Ana Maldonado

      Researcher in chemoinformatics

Short curriculum

Ana G. Maldonado is a researcher at Solvay Laboratory of the Future. Currently, she is a visitor researcher at the HCSC group at the University of Amsterdam where she collaborates with a multidisciplinary team to apply predictive modeling and rational design for molecular optimisation and discovery. She has worked extensively with chemoinformatics and chemometrics tools in industry and academia over the past twelve years. She earned a BS and MS in Chemistry at the University Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela and a PhD degree in Computational and Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Paris 7 in Paris, France. She worked for few years in a joint project between Rhodia and the University of Amsterdam applying predictive modeling and rational design in industrial chemistry. Her research interests include data analysis and data mining. She is the architech of the MolDiA software, an XML-based high thoughtput screening tool for chemical databases.


Current interests are:

  • Addressing research problems by bringing people together around a common project.
  • Development of multidisciplinary approaches for the research and optimization of molecules of industrial interest.
  • Management, analysis and mining of data.

About me


I consider myself a passionated scientist, curious and optimist, with a particular love for literature, yoga and sustainable life. Having lived and traveled over the world for the last 10 years, I believe in the feeling of 'world citizenship' and I do my best to be an example of tolerance, respect for our planet and passion for science. Sharing a meal with friends, a cab to the airport or a new method to find eco-respectful compounds is part of what I consider my everyday life.

My hobbies include swimming, traveling, gardening, reading (in a quite compulsive way sometimes) and more recently, sailing and snowboarding.


  • Wonderful wines from the Beaujolais area (France) traditionally produced by Jean Pierre Joubert and family.
  • Two beautiful summer houses (a big and a small) in the town of Egmond aan Zee, to enjoy the Dutch sea coast with family or friends :).
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